“One of the most vicious difficulties a lot of international professionals face is the trap of Cultural Differences. Although managers appreciate diversity, different mindsets within a team lead to misunderstandings, disengagement and lack of result”

Jean-Pierre Coene and Michel Bienert have successfully developed a specific program for International Management & Negotiation based on Hofstede’s insights. They have trained and coached managers around the world working in intercultural environments since 2012.

Minna Gentz
Senior Vice President Human Resources, Lindstrom
Helsinki, Finland

“Hofstede Insights has provided us with strategically relevant cultural insights, enabling us to successfully develop our organisation and leadership”

Peter F.
Regional Sales Director in the building sector
Melbourne, Australia

“What a absolute pleasure it was to attend a trading course last week (Nov 2017) conducted by FOSTER LITTLE. Michel & Jean- Pierre have a fantastic way of making this type of training an enjoyable time. The introduction of new subjects such as “culture differences “ is a tool that l will take with me for the rest of my life, been able to identify some barriers that some people may have due to culture back ground, then having Michel & JP teach the skills to overcome these barriers is a great gift that they have given me.  The way that they involved all attendees during week training is a skill that not many trainers have, to see the development of people that are the start of the week struggling to communicate, then by the end of the course these people could not only present but hold your attention is indeed a great skill. The use of the methods that are taught in a way that encourages you to use is terrific. There are a number of other skills that l will now implement now l have returned home.”

Become as “culturally agile” as the participants of their workshops through the following program.

The 3 days program includes:

  • 22 August : Cultural Differences
  • 23 August: International Communication
  • 24 August: International Leadership

Becoming Culturally Agile in your daily work
Recognising and understanding culture differences and the drivers of foreign interlocutors. Learning how to adapt your behaviour and communication
Method: Hofstede Insights about Cultural Differences

  • You’ll go through the method in a way that is interactive and clear
  • You’ll experience many practical examples of your daily life
  • At the end of Day 1, you will be able to avoid all the cultural traps and adapt yourself to others all over the world.

Public Speaking & Presentation skills in an international environment.
How to make a powerful introduction and breath taking presentation to an international audience? Behaving as a keynote speaker who adapts to a variety of different cultures
Method: SAVOIR & SUCCES presentation structure and skills

  • You’ll be coached to find your own presentation style
  • You’ll find out best practices in an international environment based on Hofstede Insights
  • At the end of Day 2, you will be able to present your ideas in a pleasant and effective way to a multicultural audience

Negotiation & Leadership skills in an international environment.
Learning how to negotiate and lead like a local by taking into consideration the local codes and habits
Method: Feedback & Situational Leadership based on Hofstede Insights

  • You will go through various cross-border negotiation and leadership styles that take into account culture differences
  • You will work on best practices in an international environment based on the trainers experiences in a cross border environment
  • At the end of Day 3, you will be able to adapt your negotiation and leadership style to specific situations encountered in your daily life

Place: European Area Brussels
Price: 800 EUR pp (ex vat) for a great learning journey (3 days)
Our programs can be adapted to specific demands and standards

Interested? Just give us a call or send a message.
We look forward to speaking to you soon in order to have an open discussion about your next steps in terms of training and development.

Video: Who are we?

Info & questions:
Michel Bienert –
Mobile: +32.470.12.60.45
Jean-Pierre Coene –
Mobile: + 32 475.42.16.29

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