How explain Trump’s election?

As a Belgian specialist into cultural differences, how can I explain Trump’s election? What are the key difference between my Latin culture and the American one? I am highly regarding the authorities (1), I feel quiet autonomous, but not totally (2), I hate uncertainty (3), and I have the profound conviction that I am the […]

Is Belgium a failed country?

“YES” says a paper publicized by Politico. (Tim King) Well, once again, all is a question of perspectives… From an American perspective, probably a lot of countries would be classified into that section. Let me take the example of the “respect of the law”, directly related to the news. It is true that the Belgian […]

Bribery in not a Worldwide sin!

I warn you, this article is politically incorrect. Look away! In our Western cultures corruption is a sin, morally wrong, even illegal ; it is punishable by law. Our democratic society ensures – or attempt to ensure – equal rights to each in front of a court of law, with a rule of law, based on […]

When will change management fail?

As a cross-cultural consultant, I am not surprised companies are struggling with the concept of change management. I understand too well that it is – again – an American concept that European companies are copying thinking “it should work here as well”. To make it simple, let’s say that the American culture think in terms […]

Body language is also cultural!

Body language analysis of David Cameron David Cameron used its body language as argument. Body language is an art, and he masters it. Look at him: he looks determine, dangerous, fearless and threatening. But his words are just saying: I shall not pay……the First of December. But he will pay, surely. Because UK is used […]