How explain Trump’s election?


As a Belgian specialist into cultural differences, how can I explain Trump’s election?

What are the key difference between my Latin culture and the American one?

I am highly regarding the authorities (1), I feel quiet autonomous, but not totally (2), I hate uncertainty (3), and I have the profound conviction that I am the result of a long story (4) which is not going to end with me, thanks to my children.

Keeping my analogy, I could describe average American as: not impressed by elite power (1), very autonomous (2), having no problem with uncertainty (3) and thinking that the priority is ME and NOW (4)

If I take these 4 elements, it’s because the sociologist Prof. Hofstede revealed in his researches that by comparing these for elements, we learn a lot about cultural difference. For More than 100 cultures, he compared the attitude towards power, individualism, success, uncertainty, time and pleasure.

This first day after US election, a lot of people in the world are stunned. I want to reassure them. As quickly as Trump has been elected, as quickly the situation will evolve.

Because Americans are quick in changes, have a flexible mind-sets, are short term profit orientated.

What do I mean?

Well, either Trump reveals himself as a good effective President or Americans will fire him one way or another… is not the end of the story

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