Bribery in not a Worldwide sin!

ptocoCORRUPTION MainBillet

I warn you, this article is politically incorrect. Look away!

In our Western cultures corruption is a sin, morally wrong, even illegal ; it is punishable by law. Our democratic society ensures – or attempt to ensure – equal rights to each in front of a court of law, with a rule of law, based on a Constitution. However, countries where the latter applies, are mainly in the West.

So, how does it work elsewhere?

Elsewhere, the protection of individuals is intrinsically linked to the group he or she belongs to. Where no written rules prevail, where connections are vital, where business is done with those one trusts and where the practice of “doing each other favors” is common. Currencies that change hands cement agreements. It is an ancestral and respectable way of doing business.

Unacceptable  in Western (individualists) countries. Our normative Judaeo-Christian vision is chocked by such practices. Our ways of doing business is disturbed as our arms are  not adapted, as our ways calculating prices, our accounting methods, our individual sens of responsibility.

An anecdote (which can be shared) : admits a large project an all-important French manager working for a Chinese company happens not to obtain renewal on his visa. His superior smiles and promises to handle the problem. The company reaches out to an “Service Company” which has the required connections. In ten days, the Visa was in order, followed by a regular invoice to cover the cost of that service.

In brief, corruption is not a sin for the majority of the population.

Westerners – individualists – represent a mere 15% of the world population, while the “non-individualists” account for 85%.

Who do you think will have to adapt?

This is another reason to contact a specialist in the matter before doing business abroad….


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